How to Beat a Bad Poker Player

Posted on: April 25, 2016

One of the best things about playing poker is that every time you are around a Sacramento poker table, you are most likely surrounded by a different set of players than you were the time before, giving you even more opportunities to face poker players who are not as skilled as you are, thus improving your overall odds at success.

If you consider yourself to be more skilled than your average Sacramento poker player, then it is absolutely necessary for you to master the skill of winning against poor poker players if you hope to stand a chance when playing amongst better competition. Just remember that there is no one universal trick to use that will help you to beat a bad poker player every time, but there are a number of things that you can do to make sure you are always capitalizing on your weaker opponents. Below is an assortment of tips and tricks to use when you find yourself facing a bad poker player:

  1. Don’t overthink your game when playing against substantially weaker players: try to keep it simple!
  2. While it may seem frustrating and tedious to spend your poker playing time with bad Sacramento poker players, it is essential for you to be able to master beating the less-than-average players before moving up to a higher stakes Sacramento poker competition.
  3. Playing against poor poker players is beneficial because it gives you the valuable experience that comes with the winning of winning hands.
  4. Since the weaker poker players ultimately lack the skills and knowledge based to think beyond anything other than the hands which they are currently holding, avoid complicated strategies, especially when it comes to things like bluffing, as such schemes are usually a waste of time when playing against bad poker players.
  5. Pay attention to the clues given to you by your weaker opponent, such as their style of play and whether or not they are being too aggressive or too passive; for example, pay attention to how a passive player bets, as they will more than likely only bet when their hands are very strong, and tend to call when their hands are particularly weak.
  6. Anticipate the moves a bad poker player by observing the patterns of when they raise and call, because the poor poker player is unlikely to have more than a few moves they repeatedly make; in other words, the weaker poker players tend to be very consistent when it comes to betting patterns.
  7. As a general rule, when playing a strong hand against a bad player, always value bet!
  8. Finally, in terms of the issue of tapping on the glass or lecturing a weaker Sacramento poker player at the table out of frustration after a loss or bizarre play because you observe they are not necessarily playing with correct (or any) strategy.

The point is this: while it may seem like a hassle to deal with players who are not up to your skill level and overall poker experience, it is actually in your best interest to play as many poor poker players as you can!