How should you dress to play poker?

Posted on: May 30, 2017

It’s long been a topic of conversation among the poker-playing establishment. Is there, or should there be a dress code for poker? As of now, there is not. So rather than list of a code of what not to wear, here are some suggestions of clothing options that might come in handy while at the poker table:

Hoodies: Hoodies are a great article of clothing to wear. They can help you in more that one way. Most poker playing rooms keep the air conditioning turned on to help keep players alert and awake! You don’t want anyone falling asleep at the table! And usually the more players there are, the colder it will be. Hoodies are lighter than most jackets and are easy to carry around if you get hot and need to shed a layer of clothing. They aren’t bulky and don’t take up much room if you need to hang it over the back of your chair. Hoodies are incredibly useful for their hoods. Hoods can help to conceal facial expressions, or even red ears if you get a bad hand and start to get heated in the head. Also, if you’re not sure about the room you’ll be visiting or the people you’ll be playing with, consider bringing your “conceal, don’t reveal” outfit along with you in your bag. It could come in handy.
Ill fitted or revealing clothing: Ladies, it might seem like a smart move to wear low cut shirts, or high skirts to a poker game. Other players might become distracted and lose their thoughts here and there while staring at some exposed skin, but there is something to keep in mind: how you present yourself sets your reputation for the rest of your poker career. Revealing clothing is not always the best strategy for trying to win poker games. As for the men, or women, that wear ill fitted clothing, sitting at a table for hours can get uncomfortable in tight clothing. Comfort is the key when you know that you will be sitting in the same spot for a long period of time. Discomfort can make you agitated and can even throw you off your game because you are worrying about how uncomfortable you are.

Time device: If you look around a poker room, you more than likely will not see a clock anywhere. Clocks are reserved for tournament time. So if you need to be somewhere, or want to know what time it is, you had better have a watch or a phone on you. There is no better way to annoy the table you are playing at or a dealer by constantly asking what time it is.

Headphones: If you are having to sit at the same table with the same people for hours, it might become annoying to have to listen to them babble on about who knows what that you care nothing about. Headphones are a great way to get you in your zone, muffle out all the distracting noises around you and stay focused on the game at hand.

Sunglasses: This is an either you like them or you don’t article of clothing. Most of the newer players are opting for sunglasses as a way to stay stone faced and not give away tells to the older players. While older players seem to like the raw face approach. The older players have had years to craft their poker faces and enjoy being able to stun fellow players and not give away anything in their facial expressions.

Shoes: Remember when Antonio Esfandiari won the WSOP Big One for One Drop for $18 million in bare feet and put his bare feet on the poker table? Please for the love of sanitation, don’t go barefoot to the poker tables! There have also been players that have worn flip-flops and clipped their toenails at the table. Maybe those are maneuvers to throw other players off, but remember how we talked about your reputation? Again we are looking for comfort, but not at home laying on your couch comfortable. High heels are another shoe choice that could become very uncomfortable by the end of a long day. There are ways to wear nice elegant shoes and not have your feet hate you by the end of the night.

Jewelry: It’s soooo tempting to want to show off your WSOP bracelet, but that does let all the other players at your table know that they are playing against a highly skilled player. You might also have a few haters that don’t have a bracelet of their own and might snub you a bit out of pure jealousy. So remember all your hard work and don’t let anyone’s pettiness take away from all your hard work. Wedding rings are an unwritten code of ethics at the poker table. If you are proud enough to be wearing your ring, you are off limits to flirting. Respect the ring.

Your fashion choices at the poker table should be comfortable and set the standard of what you want your image to be. Remember to have fun and pay attention. Your opponents certainly will.