How is Poker different from other competitions

Posted on: October 11, 2019

When someone hears the word competition, they immediately think that power, fierceness, and skills are the first things on the table – well, not on the poker table. Poker is a lot different from other competitions. Unlike competitions like basketball, Poker will not get you screaming at the top of your lungs. Unlike football, Poker will not make you paint your face in vibrant colors. Poker is different because it is a competition that does not feel like a competition.  

Poker is a zen game.  

In Poker, you cannot expect the players to trash talk to each other. You won’t hear loud cheering in the crowd. As a spectator, you are expected to sit quietly and enjoy the competition’s tensed quietness. Since you won’t hear things such as “Go! Go! Go!” you realize that competitions need not be aggressive and attacking. Poker is the complete opposite of what games are made to be. Surely, this kind of competition is not for everyone. The rush of adrenaline in Poker is milder and more subdued.  

Poker is a mind game.  

If you enjoy high-contact competition with a bit of shoving and cursing here and there, then Poker may not be the fix you are looking for. Poker is a mind game. Despite what others say that Poker is only a game of luck, that is only half of the equation. Poker involves thinking and strategizing. If it is only a game of luck, how can some players reach the top and win millions of dollars? Are we saying that these people are just really, really lucky? Poker is distinct from any other competition there is because it is only in Poker that players get to fold as a legitimate move. In basketball, you cannot simply throw the ball to give your opponent a score. In golf, you cannot just avoid shooting the ball into the hole. In karate, you cannot merely lie down and wait for the other to punch you. Poker allows passiveness, and it is in this passiveness that players get to strategize. 

Poker is a slow game.  

Poker games can go for an hour. In tournaments, the players take a longer time to finish a game and can be at the table for several hours. Poker is a slow game. It is not like in the movies where people flash their cards aggressively and quickly. The players take their time to think about their next move. There is a lot of chatting and mingling around. After all, Poker is a social game. A lot of people use it as a means to mingle with other people. If you are a spectator, you may think that watching live Poker is boring. Unless you have the discipline and the appreciation for the beauty of the game, Poker is not a spectator sport.  

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