Get Ready to Spend Your Fall with Capitol-Casino

Posted on: August 19, 2018

After spending days, weeks out in the sun wearing bikinis and enjoying the tan lines, maybe it is time to experience the comfort of indoor activities.

From overnight slumber parties to trying new restaurants with friends and doing some shopping or even playing some poker, there are so many things to do to kick off Fall. Plus, A spa is never a bad idea.

But why not visit California’s no.1 game room in town, Capitol-casino. Because of its awesome tables and tournament, guests have branded this place as the top go to place for a great game time.

In Capitol-Casino, everyone has a chance to play. Guests with less than a hundred dollars can join and buy-in in a game. With affordable game tables, awesome food, and hospitality like no other gaming facility in the area, it is worth a call.

Even non-games drop by the place because of the unsurpassed food served in the restaurant.

So here are the top 5 things to try in Capitol-Casino to jumpstart fall with us:

Poker Tables

With more than 10 poker tables in the room, the waiting time to get a seat is shorter compared to other gaming areas. Experienced, honest, and hospitable are the best way to describe their dealers. Both newbies and old timers come to this place for the thrill and the crowd.

Black Jacks

No need to cash in huge bets, this table can accommodate players who have $10 dollars in his pocket. Should fluke be on his side, make the $10 dollars to $200 dollars in no time. This is probably the easiest way to have fun while testing your luck.


Everyone has a competitive side. If you are among those who want to win them all, a tournament is the best spot for you at Capitol-Casino. With experienced players from all over the state, it won’t cut you short for the adrenaline you are looking for.


Food can make or break all the luck- good food can invite positive aura and maybe attract good fortune too. With a huge selection and variety of food you can choose from, the Capitol-Casino dining experience is one for the books. From steaks, pastas, desserts, and munchies, this spot has its own patrons.


While others do not really play, some guests frequent the bar. A good selection of beers, great cocktails, and good food is enough reason for visitors to remember the place. From locally bottled beers to international favorites and even draft variants, these are all available at the bar. Meanwhile, cocktails are like potions, with the right amount of everything it can be magic but miss one ingredient and it’s awful. Here at Capitol-Casino, the baristas are skilled alcohol experts who know how to turn your world upside down.

Located at the heart of Sacramento, California and a short travel distance from Nevada or Folsom. If you are in town for a short stay or waiting for a 10-hour lay-off for your next flight, a visit in Capitol-Casino might just make the trip even more memorable and exciting.