Finding Excuses for Losing at Poker

Posted on: August 7, 2017

It’s easy to have a good attitude and feel like you are invincible when you’re winning at poker. The problem is when you start losing. No one likes to admit defeat, and excuses start flying to help your bruised ego feel a little bit better. There are a number of excuses that one can make about why the game was lost:

I was way down: When you continue to lose round after round, this can make you easily feel defeated. Once you start down that slope it’s easy to give up. The attitude of “I was way down, so I was done” is an excuse that everyone understands, because everyone has been there before at some point in his or her poker career.

I was way up: When you get on a winning streak, people have the tendency to let their game slip, and can get sloppy or lazy with their strategy. They get on a winner high and start thinking they are invincible and can’t lose. You should always be on your top game whether you are winning or losing. That should never determine the level at which you play your game.

It was late: This is a classic excuse for losing. The claim of it being late and they were tired so they weren’t playing their best is one of the top excuses when a poker game is lost. If it’s late and you are tired it’s probably not the best idea to sit down and start a game of poker.

It was them, not me: Blaming the other players, or even the dealer is also another classic excuse. People never want to accept fault when there are others that can take the blame. Also claiming that other players had more exceptional skills than you go along with this excuse. Feeling like no one had a chance against a certain player can help to ease the pain of losing a game.

It was a great game: This excuse is often used when you are losing, but you just know that your luck is going to turn around and you are bound to win at some point. This is ridiculous! The game is good for everyone else, because you are losing! Your tablemates will thank you, but when you are on a losing streak, it’s best to bow out, stop helping everyone around you win big, and try your luck somewhere else.

I was bored: The game was too easy. The game was full of too many bad players to keep you focused. The stakes were too low for you to pay attention properly and play your best. Boredom made you lose. If you are at a game that is apparently boring you, go find another table that will peak your interest and hopefully challenge you so you can start winning.

I was drunk: This excuse won’t go into effect until the day after when you realize that you gambled all your money away! While this can be a legitimate excuse, because the best decisions usually aren’t made while inebriated, it’s best to not sit down to a game of high stakes poker if you aren’t able to make good decisions.

There are plenty of good excuses to help you feel a little bit better about losing at a poker game. Instead of excuses maybe you should pay attention and be at the top of your game if you want to play a serious game of poker.