How Daniel Negreanu’s Poker Goals for 2018 Can Help Inspire Your Own

Posted on: February 26, 2018

When it comes to dispelling notions of how many millions of dollars professional poker players take home in winnings every year, Daniel Negreanu explains to his non-professional poker-playing fans in his blog why it’s important to look at the bigger picture when analyzing your poker wins and loses of 2017. And though you may not be one of the top players in today’s poker world like Daniel Negreanu, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from the goals that pros set for themselves and make some 2018 poker goals for yourself!

First, take a look back at 2017 and take stock of your earnings:

While most of us don’t have a 7-figure poker pot from our earnings after one year of playing like Negreanu, it’s important to be able to look back at your successes and setbacks from the previous year in order to better your game for this year. Keep in mind that even the professional players don’t always take home a net gain after subtracting the cost of buy-ins and other expenses throughout the year. You read that right; in fact, after subtracting the cost of buy-in’s from his earnings, Negreanu actually lost  $86,140 in the year of 2017.

One goal that you might set for yourself in light of this fact could be to avoid judging yourself as poker player based exclusively on the dollar amount in your purse at the end of the year. While it may seem simplistic, there must be something to this logic if it works for the pros like Negreanu.

If you really want to improve your poker game, think long haul and big picture:

Another important poker insight we can learn from Negreanu’s goals relates to the overall perspective and approach one takes to the game. For example, when looking at your wins and loses and calculating how much (if any) money you raked in throughout the year, try to analyze your game and strategy of play beyond simply the total number of wins and losses. If possible, try comparing your wins/losses from previous years to those of 2017-are there patterns of play that you haven’t studied or learned from and as a result, keep repeating? Consider looking at your betting patterns and how you bet differently under different circumstances, such as in tournaments v. regular table games, or when playing Omaha Hi-Lo v. Texas Hold’em for example.

Turn this strategy into a poker goal for 2018 by aiming to study your hands and games, looking for patterns of weak plays or areas in need of improvement, and using that insight to deepen the insight you have of your own game.

Always be working towards improvement with a specific goal in mind:

Even after experiencing tremendous success, professional poker players like Negreanu set goals for themselves by laying out a step-by-step plan to make it happen, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same thing.

After studying your moves and your patterns of play and you learn more about which areas of your game are in need of improvement, write down at least 3 specific goals you want to accomplish this year, whether it be to place at a tournament you’ve signed up for, becoming better at bluffing, or even something as common at making sure you don’t miss the value bets in Texas Hold’em, there are always little ways to improve your game that will make a big difference!