Safe Online Gambling: A Capitol Casino Guide

Posted on: November 30, 2016

Online gambling is seen to some as a good alternative to going to an actual casino. However, online gambling, like any other online activity, carries risks. In order to minimize the risks involved in online gambling, here are some tips from Capitol Casino:

  1. Play at reputable online casinos only

First on the rule is to play on reputable casinos only. These ensure that you are playing on safe platforms, away from fraudulent operations. Read site information and reviews.

  1. Update your antivirus

Always make sure that you are using an up-to-date antivirus software. But to have a more comprehensive protection, make sure that you also have anti-malware, firewall, and identity protection.

  1. Keep your money protected 

The online gambling host should already have this covered but for extra protection, ensure that you protect your cash by conducting virus and malware scans, as well as by observing the best practices with passwords.

  1. Never use cheat software

However tempting it may seem, cheat software is no good. Not only will you not receive the free cash that they promise, but you are also putting your current cash at risk. These cheat softwares often carry viruses and malware that are programmed to siphon your money. Play honestly!

  1. Set separate cards for your gambling activities

It is best that you use separate cards for your gambling activities. Not only will you safeguard your savings from being used up for your gambling, but it will also prevent hackers from getting in touch with your personal finances.

  1. Don’t play with loans

Never ever borrow money just so you will be able to play. It is true that you have a chance to take home more than what you have when you came in. But what if you lost? You’d end up with even more debt!

  1. Always think about the possibility of losing

When gambling, you may win some, and you may lose some. Gambling is a true game of chance. No one person wins everytime. When you win, take a minute to think about whether you will bet you winnings again or not. You may just lose it all next time around.

And when you lose, accept it! Don’t try to recover as you may lose even more.

  1. Set limits on how long you’ll play 

There is discipline in gambling. Set limits on how long you will play. Gambling is a habit so learn to control it, don’t let it control you! Playing too long will expose you to a lot of risks.

  1. Withdraw winnings on trusted platforms only

Never try withdrawing on experimental methods. Withdraw only through Paypal, bank transfer, and credits to your credit card as these are tried and tested methods.

  1. Play for recreation 

Finally, we advise that you play for recreation. Online gambling should be seen as a fun activity that is there for you to enjoy. Do not over do it, have a set budget for spending and a set time frame for playing.

For a risk-free gambling experience, come to Capitol Casino!

Online gambling is convenient, but not as gratifying as going to an actual casino. Online gambling is enjoyable, but not as safe as an actual casino. Finally, online gambling is entertaining, but not as fun as playing on an actual casino.

So for a risk-free, fun-filled gambling experience, come and play here at Capitol Casino!