Best Casino Games for Beginners!

Posted on: August 3, 2020

Some people may think that casinos are all about high rollers and extravagant lifestyles. They get intimidated and refuse to go. While those things are part of the casino culture, you may be surprised to learn that more and more regular people are playing in casinos, and most of them are only going there for fun and enjoyment! Bright lights, luxurious interiors, delectable food, and ecstatic energy are just some of what you will experience, especially at Capitol Casino. 

 How to Play at the Casino  

In casinos, everything is a game of chance. Luck plays a big part in your day. There is no guarantee whether you’ll go home richer or not. But it also involves skill and strategy as to how you’re going to use your money to have higher chances of success. You acquire those skills as you play, and you’ll have a better feel of the circumstances as you go.   

But if you’re a new player, here are a few unwritten rules to remember: 

  • Wait for the hand to finish before sitting at a table.
  • Do not sit at a table unless you’re going to play.
  • Never use your phone while at a table.
  • Do not touch your bet after you’ve placed it.
  • Do not touch the chips you won before the dealer finishes counting them and pushes them to you.
  • Keep your emotions to yourself. 
  • Don’t argue with the dealer or with other players.
  • Never stall the game for whatever reason, especially by acting like a hotshot.
  • Give tips to your dealer.

What Games to Play  

Being the largest casino in downtown Sacramento, Capitol Casino offers a lot of games to play. These include:  

  •      BIG O - Players work with five cards, and they must use exactly two of their hole cards at showdown and precisely three of the board cards to put together the best possible five-card poker hand.
  •      3 CARD POKER - A more straightforward, fast-paced poker game. Players are given three cards, each to have the highest combination possible. Combinations include straight flush, 3-of-a-kind, straight, flush, pair, and high card. 
  •      DAI-BACC - A pure guessing game and a variation of the regular baccarat. Betting minimums are less restrictive.
  •      OMAHA HI-LO - Similar to Texas Hold ‘em. Each player is given exactly four cards and must make a high hand and a low hand with two from their hand and the three on the board.
  •      TEXAS HOLD’EM POKER – The most popular form of poker. You either win by having a better hand than your opponent or bluffing to make them believe you do.
  •      PURE 21.5 BLACKJACK – Second only to Texas Hold ‘em in terms of popularity. Players are given two cards with the option of drawing another card to get as close to the value of 21 without exceeding it.
  •      PAI GOW POKER – Players are given seven cards and must make two poker hands each. A 2-card front hand and a 5-card backhand. Both hands must be higher than the opposing players to win.

With so many games available to play, it’s easy to be confused. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to try playing 3-Card Poker and Dai Baccbecause they are fast, and involve less skill and have lower minimum bets. 

Tips and Tricks 

When playing in the casino, it is always good to keep these things in mind so you can avoid regretting things later.  

  1. Never borrow money. Gambling has no guarantee, so you may find yourself in a worse situation if you lose. 
  2. Don’t bet what you can’t lose. It is no fun to play when you are terrified of losing the money you are betting.  
  3. Set a budget for playing. Put a limit on your spending. You may want to leave your ATMs and credit cards so you won’t get tempted to spend more money. 
  4. Take breaks. The casino’s atmosphere has so much energy, but you must let yourself rest to keep a sharp mind. 
  5. Don’t drink and play. Playing in a casino while you are drunk results in having poor decisions.  
  6. Understand the game you want to play. Before jumping into any games, you may want to review how they work first so you won’t regret losing after.