Being a Professional Poker Player

Posted on: March 5, 2019

There are various ways to describe ones profession. Some would say it is hard, it is toxic, it is routinely, and others would even comment that it is boring.

There are probably some days when you just want to wake up and change jobs to a job that will pay the bills and support the lifestyle that you want.

But there is one profession that seems to get all days of the week as a weekend, has a routine that never gets boring, and keeps your working hard without the burnout.

So we hauled up the stories of three professional poker players to tell us what it’s like to live the life. Was it any closer to the movies we have seen so far?


We hate Monday for the reason that it is the start of another dreadful workweek that we all have to get through until it is weekend again. And such is the inspiration for this player who lives all days of his life as a weekend.

Mac Mark have started playing the game as a hobby until he got so into it and decided to get a two-month sabbatical leave from work and travelled all over America to play poker. Since then, he started his climb to the professional realm.

More than the earnings, Mac really loves the fact that he is control of his time, his decisions are his own.

“Poker for me was never about being rich it was about the freedom that the lifestyle brought,” he said.


Ryan Fee, a high stakes poker professional, lives and breathes anything poker.

With eight years of experience, he now runs a poker coaching website that helps young and new poker players on their games, giving tips and trick on how they can ace the hands they are dealt with.

Every morning Ryan gets up and checks online websites that are hosting  games 24/7. If he finds a good game, he skips breakfast and starts his day right on. But if he can spare a few minutes to get breakfast then he gets coffee before starting the day.

“When I get back I’ll open sit all the tables I want action for, mostly heads up. I’ll get on the waitlists for the 6max games and then maybe try to see who’s online and if they will give me heads up action. I’ll play for a while until I get bored or am too burned out to play, at which point I’ll go to yoga/exercise/friends place/whatever to unwind.

I’ll go to dinner with my friends and then maybe go to a movie or some activity afterwards,” he noted.

His life revolves around poker and he is loving it.


Peter Eastgate is all about breaking misconceptions. When people look at professional poker players, they only see the glamour but not the hard work that is put into the craft.

And so, when he won the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event, all eyes were on him as one o the youngest champions of the game.

During one of the interviews, he was asked about the lifestyle that he carries through as a professional player that’s when he replied “it’s a hard way to make an easy living”.

Like all professional players, Peter gets up and checks for possible games that he could play every day without fail.

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