All in: Top 5 most popular poker players in the world

Posted on: January 4, 2019

Poker is one off the most popular games worldwide. It has captured the attention of the worldwide audience and the interest of billions of people. That is why, it is no mystery that it has transformed into one of the most played and largest tournaments available today. Some individuals who started playing even make use of Poker as their main source of income and have been tagged as professionals. As aspiring Poker players, we want to get you excited with the people who are making the biggest names in the industry. Let’s meet them!

With a net worth of 40 million dollars, he is among the richest poker players in the world. While not all of it was from his winnings, Seidel sure knows how to handle money. Holding eight poker bracelets under his name, with enough talent and skills sharpened during his backgammon days, he made it on top of the poker world. They say luck is rare, but not for this guy. Winning eight championships in eight years require a lot of luck and millions of strategies.

Sam Trickett has a total net worth of $17 million. This former football player was short of luck on the field but not on the table. With eight championship titles on his name, this made the right decision to quit running and start playing. Due to his injuries, Trickett was forced to retire early from his football career. But this choice led him to be one of the most famous poker players internationally.

World poker series catapulted this lad to the top when he won the tournament in 2003. To date, his net worth is a buzzing $16 million. Popular for his charms and good looks, he is dubbed as the Michael Jordan of the poker world. He wants it; he gets it, which is actually the best attitude at anything. Why not use it to jack up your professional career right?

They say poker is a game of the minds— strategy, timing, and humor. Players have different profiles, some are more strategic and less humorous, others rely more on timing as a strategy but Jamie Gold is someone who trusts his gut feeling when deciding to go aggressive or lie low. This trait earned him the title as the most balanced individual on the table. With $13 million on his name, this guy is truly one of the best. Winning a championship in 2006, he caught $12 million in cash prize.

Others think that you need good years of practice to win you a championship with poker, well not Phil Ivey. This lad is only 23 years old and has a total net worth of $15 million, making him one of the youngest millionaire poker players in the world. This guy right here has three poker bracelets tagged with his name. He is young, smart, and rich— qualities that made him iconic as he inspired young players to practice more.
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