10 Good Reasons to Leave the Poker Table Part 2

Posted on: April 30, 2019

A couple weeks back we wrote the first set of reasons why a player should leave a poker table; this is the second part of that series. But if missed the previous article, you can check it out here.

4. Over time

Some games go on for hours, and there are some that end as quickly as they began. Some players lose track of time and before they know it, the entire day has gone to playing cards.

Give yourself a schedule and a limit. Decide how many hours you can stay in the casino and when that limit is reached, be sure to leave the table. It is a small act of discipline that can help train a player’s mindset to play within their means and capacity.

If you intended to play for three hours and noticed that you had stayed longer than expected, finish the game and get up on your feet. Whether it’s a win or lose on the table, a person with discipline will always win.

5. No more hands to play

Coming into a game, a lot of players have a favorite starting hand. Sometimes, the obsession with playing that hand is intense that players really wait on the cards to show up. But, after a few rounds, some would realize that they cannot play that hand and decide to change strategies.
Starting off with a new plan, another round comes in but the cards remain cold for an excellent suite.

Learn when to fold in a game, if these events kept on happening for a few rounds, maybe lady luck is just in the mood and it is best to call it a day.

When there are no more hands to play, it is best to leave the table instead of having a bad night and gambling all your cash away.

6. It is a tilt day

You wake up in the morning feeling like it is going to be a good day at the poker table. So you trooped to Capitol Casino feeling confident and energetic.

But, just as the game began, you started making more bluffs than usual and making bad calls on the river. You began to feel defeated and hopeless as four rounds of the game ended against your favor.

When this happens, maybe you should consider playing the game another day. A tilt day never ends well. Playing on a tilt day will snatch more money than you think and give you unreasonable mood swings.
Instead of going that path, get up the table and find something fun to do to turn the day around!

Capitol Casino aims to provide the best game experience to all its patrons but more than enjoyment, we hope to raise awareness on responsible playing. We are open 24 hours, a few hours off our gaming rooms is not too much. A player can always come back after dealing with life’s more important matters like family, work, and health.

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