All you need to know about the poker cheating scandal going on right now

Stones Live Poker hosts games that are broadcasted on Twitch and Youtube. What is unique about these games is the presence of RFID sensors in cards so the audience can see the cards even when they are faced down. The audience can appreciate how the players make their moves and decisions despite the cards they are dealt with. The games are broadcasted on a 30-minute delay to ensure that no cheating can occur. As an added security, the commentators watch the game on a 30-minute delay as well. This type of poker game is well-loved among the poker community. The mix of technology and the classic poker made it possible to see the hand even before the players show them.

Everything seemed to run smoothly until Veronica Brill, one of the regular commentators, suggested that there is something untoward going on. She reported at Stones Gambling Hall that she suspects Mike Postle to be cheating.

Postle appears to be getting it right all the time. He is the player with the greatest number of winnings in Stones Live. His bluff rate is almost a hundred percent, which is unseen in Poker history. Due to his high success rate, he is called the Devil by most poker fanatics. His plays make you wonder if he knows everything that’s going on the table.

An allegation is made that Postle might be cheating. Some dubbed Postle’s play as the perfect poker. It seems like every decision he makes is the right decision. A lot of questions have been asked about the issue, sending the poker community into an investigation frenzy.

Postle defended himself. He said that he has 16 years of poker experience. He knows how to read people, and his plays and decisions were based on instincts and a careful study of human behavior. Some reports link Postle to the company that runs Stones Live and that he used to work for them as a consultant. Others suggest that he may have an insider that transmits the information monitored by the RFID.

The poker community watched Postle’s games over and over again to investigate how he makes his play. They watched his movements, mannerisms, and attitude at the table. Some alleged that Postle looks at the phone in between his legs before making a move. Unlike the other players whose phones are at the table, Postle’s phone is tucked in between his legs. The community finds this dubious, asking questions such as “What is he hiding in his phone?”, “Is data being transmitted through his phone?” No one can know for sure. Some others point toward possible cheating by using a hidden headset that transmits information. The people noticed that he started wearing a blue hat and that this hat acts as a headset.

Other signs point to the alleged cheating of Mike Postle, but none of these have been proven beyond doubt. In the meantime, the poker community continues to watch how the Devil makes his moves.

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